Optimism & Mindset

Articles about the effects of optimism, how to foster optimism and bring more positive emotions in your life as well as the growth mindset to adopt.

Ultimate guide to overcome fear of failure

How to Overcome Fear of Failure: Your Ultimate Guide

Although many of us may accept in theory that failure is a necessary component of all learning and growth, in practice, we struggle greatly with [...]

Learned hopefulness

How Learned Hopefulness Can Change Your Client’s Life

Hope is something we cling to when uncertainty looms or things begin to go wrong – unclear results from a scan, a call saying our [...]

Growth mindset kids

How to Nurture a Growth Mindset in Kids: 8 Best Activities

Success. Abundance. Prosperity. Intelligence. Talent. Skill. These are all potential products of a growth mindset. Why is it important to foster this mindset in children? [...]

Growth Mindset

18 Best Growth Mindset Activities, Worksheets, and Questions

Many of us are aware of the importance of adopting a growth mindset and perhaps even believe we have done so already. But do we [...]

Unconditional Positive Regard Worksheets

Unconditional Positive Regard: 17 Worksheets & Activities

Unconditional positive regard describes an essential attitude that person-centered therapists adopt toward their clients, promoting growth and personal change (Wilkins, 2000). As mental health professionals, [...]

Internal External Locus of Control

Internal vs External Locus of Control: 7 Examples & Theories

How much control do we really have over our lives? Many psychological theories have attempted to answer this question. One such explanation is the locus [...]

Locus of control

The Locus of Control: Tests, Scales & Questionnaires

How much we feel in control in each area of our lives predicts life satisfaction and even the likelihood of positive outcomes (Galvin, Randel, Collins, [...]

Pessimism vs optimism

Pessimism vs. Optimism: How Mindset Impacts Wellbeing

Life experiences are interpreted through our own internal filters. How we explain events to ourselves (i.e., explanatory style) is a key factor in how we [...]

Toxic Positivity

Toxic Positivity in Psychology: Examples & Research Findings

“Just think happy thoughts!” “Don’t worry, be happy!” “Look on the bright side!” “It could be worse!” “Good vibes only!” Although well intentioned, these phrases [...]

Positive Thinking Toolkit

Ultimate Positive Thinking Exercises (+ 3 Great Techniques)

Do you want to learn how to think more positively? Well, here’s some good news. Science suggests that positive thinking is indeed a learnable skill. [...]

3 Positive Psychology Tools (PDF)