Resilience & Coping

Resilience is often described as the ability of the individual to bounce back after having experienced hardship. Resilience is mostly based on personal strengths, resources, and psychological capital.

Unhealthy coping mechanism

10 Most Common Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms: A List

Life entails a wide tapestry of different experiences. Some of those are pleasant, some sad, others challenging. Coping mechanisms are the ways we respond to [...]

Healthy coping mechanisms

Healthy Coping Mechanisms: 9 Adaptive Strategies to Try

Have you ever watched in amazement as a family member or acquaintance overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles with strength and courage? Coping with life’s challenges is [...]

Coping skills cards

Using Coping Cards in Therapy: 13 Examples & Templates

Supporting clients to develop a range of coping skills is a common focus in therapy. Having effective coping tools helps to manage difficult emotions, overcome [...]


24 Best Self-Soothing Techniques and Strategies for Adults

Self-soothing is an emotional regulation strategy used to regain equilibrium after an upsetting event. Most of us are familiar with soothing others when they are [...]

Anxiety Tools

20 Best Anxiety Tools for Helping Your Clients Cope

Anxiety is part of our brain’s hardwired threat response, which has helped humans survive for thousands of years. We have all experienced anxiety at some [...]

Resilience counseling

Resilience Counseling: 12 Worksheets to Use in Therapy

Trauma is part of life and will be faced by all of us at some point. While it will lead to prolonged distress for some, [...]

Protective Factors

What Are Protective Factors in Psychology? 36 Examples

Through adversity, we acquire skills, abilities, and attributes that enable us to not just survive, but ultimately, thrive. French psychiatrist Pierre Janet said: “Every life [...]

Defense Mechanism Worksheets

Defense Mechanisms Worksheets: 10 Tools for Practitioners

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we are all likely to experience trauma more than once in our lives. Less widely known is our reliance on psychological defenses to [...]

Defense Mechanisms

Defense Mechanisms in Psychology Explained (+ Examples)

As a therapist, you will often find yourself in situations when your client is displaying adaptive and maladaptive behaviors, perceptions, and thoughts in response to [...]

Finding the Silver Lining

36 Ways to Find a Silver Lining During Challenging Times

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a bad day or a truly terrible situation, life will try to knock us down. Fortunately, many coping strategies [...]

3 Resilience Exercises Pack